Film credits

Tactical Frivolity + Rhythms of Resistance

Interviews: Kate Evans, Rosie, Greg, Chris Knight, Nicky and Kate (filmed in London and Brighton, 2004).

Images—(main) sources—or filmed by: Maren Girgensohn (Mirabelle Productions), Nataly Prevost, Praha 2000: Rebel Colours (videotape by Indymedia, 2001), Undercurrents, Rhythms of Resistance and Nuria Vila.

Additional texts: Kate Evans, Notes from Nowhere (We are Everywhere), Barbara Ehrenreich (Dancing in the Streets).

Additional music and sounds: Ethel Smith (March of the Women) and speeches by Emmeline Pankhurst.

Thanx to Sutton Street Squat (London).

© Nuria Vila + Marcelo Expósito 2007 licencia creative commons

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